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What Can You Do?


Like a lot of people, I was pretty much knocked for a loop about the chaos in Charlottesville. I spent most of the weekend glued to my screen, waiting for the latest news. We’re 6 ahead of the east coast, so the wait is interminable. Today I’d planned to get up early and go for a run after I had breakfast and did the morning’s “Bastard Watch”. These days you want to know what’s going on with the wacko in the Whitehouse before making any kinds of plans.

I got sucked in. by the time the microwave pinged for my oatmeal, I was in tears over this article at Dailykos:  A Charlottesville ER Nurse Speaks  Instead of a short run, I spent the morning and most of the afternoon scouring the news pages for a glimmer of hope. There were lots of good articles, blogs, scribblings online. I recommend the following:

From the WaPo

They Can’t Win
By 2 pm. it was clear that hopeful news was going to be thin on the ground. Running was not in the cards today. Crying and wringing my hands was getting boring, but what else can you do as an expat?

The sun was shining, the weather was fine. A walk was in order. All I needed were some good tunes, and my dawgs.

A while ago I’d made a playlist which got the title “Upside Down” from the eponymous Jack Johnson song, simply because that was the first one I entered. “Upside Down” matches my mood today, and goodness knows, I love being co-ordinated, so I gave it a listen.

Walking on the Sun – Smashmouth   Might as well be walking on the sun as worrying, just sayin’.

Spirit in the Sky– Norman Greenbaum For the 60s vibe.

Stand – R.E.M.  Hold that line. Strong together.

Sound & Vision – Bowie  Just because it’s beautiful.

Hand in Pocket – Alanis Morrisette Gotta believe everything is going to be alright or roll over and die right now.

I’m on Spotify, and it’s a public playlist, so feel free to download or just give a listen if you need a boost. It cheered me up a bit.


After walking with the dawgs, I phoned a friend, re-organized the planter by the kitchen window and made up some late summer florals for the livingroom.



I decided not to give in to the growing sense of panic and worry I feel for my birth country while the sense of unable to do anything to stay the tide of the neo-nazi madness eats at me every waking second. I’m not one for formal prayer. I’m not conventionally religious. Some things religious strike a chord though. Like this.



This I can do.