Why Misirlou?

I am Misirlou; an exotic transplanted in a cold, foreign land that never ceases to amaze and/or exasperate me. “Misirlou” is also my favorite bellydance music.



Please, please feel free to leave comments. Like Circe the talking plant, I thrive on comments.

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  1. Hi Misirlou! I enjoyed your piece–lots to think about and so sorry about your father. I’m Italian-American but know the Misirlou due to Lebanese friends from years ago–he played an instrument called the “oud” to accompany the belly dancer at their restaurant. (I’m sure that’s not how you spell it.)
    Anyway, nice job–very entertaining blog!

  2. Hi Misirlou, Just a note to tell you I reblogged your Third World post, and maybe you could mention it on your blog so your followers will come visit me (if you want–no big deal if you don’t!)
    Also, I mentioned in my lead-in that you are from Amsterdam–hope that is close enough, I should have run the whole thing by you, so let me know if anything needs to be corrected and I will take care of it.
    I’m saving your Mandela post until I have a few minutes to sit and give it the time it deserves.
    Stay warm–it’s COLD here in Central New York!

    • Ermigal — thanks for reblog! Will return the favor asap.

      I live about as far away from Amsterdam as you can imagine —Germany is closer– just 10 mins. down the road (A’dam is 2 hours away) in the beautiful section of countryside known as Twente (home to FC Twente if you’re a soccer fan).

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