Something Amazing on a Thursday Afternoon


Soap bubble



Today I saw something amazing.

There was a group of women, slightly older than I am, standing outside the entrance to the grocery store. One of the women was wearing a beautiful scarf around her head, and my first thought was “How chic!”, then I realized it wasn’t a fashion statement. I was just about ready to feel  ashamed of my thought when she busted a move and sent the other women into hysterics. Post-menopausal giggling women are a beautiful sight to behold indeed. I had to smile as I walked past.

Another woman joined them and exclaimed, “Oh! Thank God! You still have your eyebrows!” to which the woman in the scarf replied, “For now, anyway.” By this time I was inside the shop, but lurking behind the potato bin to see what else was going to happen within this group. I kind of got choked up at this point, decided to stop eavesdropping and get my shopping done.

When I left the shop, they were still standing there, laughing and chattering away as if they had all the time in the world, or maybe they were making time for something more important. I considered, but didn’t stop to look in the pet supply store window to eavesdrop some more. Instead I thought soap bubbles and sparkly things in their direction to wish them well.



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