I worked on this at painting class tonight. Am letting it sit for a week before deciding whether or not it is finished.


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    • I’m worried about the weird splotch on his coat. You can see it in the photo, not in real life and I’m wondering how it will look in a week or so. I was also thinking of having hot coals falling out of his pocket but painting on wet paint with 15 mins. to go in the class didn’t seem like a good idea last night….

      He’s called “Steve!” because my “nephew'” Steven, who is an adorable teenager with special needs, is driving his mother crazy.

  1. Fascinating picture! Hope Steve and family come through without too many scars. His face does reflect the “adorable” description. Nice. Reminds me of the book I’m just finishing, The Goldfinch, which at the end takes place in the Netherlands. Will the painting survive through the ages? Don’t know yet. Thanks for sharing your work, Misirlou. 🙂

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