Some New Paintings


Collage 1


COLLAGE I (detail)

Collage 2



COLLAGE II (detail)

Inspiration came from Peter Blake’s album cover for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” and of course Terry Gilliam’s collages for Monty Python.

The first painting is an adaptation of Renoir’s “The Boating  Party” into which I added a number of famous personages and a new background.

From left to right: Jimi Hendrix, the poet, Gregory Corso (with painted on beard), next to Jimi, Baroness Thatcher, Edith Head in a hat, the divas, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse. Behind Amy you’ll find Mike Royko, legendary journalist, both Gershwins, The Reverend  Martin Luther King, Jr. and the lovely Lucille Ball as a mermaid.

The second, I cannot for the life of me remember who the original artist was but I saw swooning females and immediatley my thoughts turned to Elvis, who is standing off to the right.  The other characters, from left to right are: Baldrick and Blackadder, Freddy Mercury, Pope Francis (I just love him) and next to him, the Reverend Al Green. In front of the clerics you’ll find a young Marlon Brando. Behind Brando are Hillary Clinton and Tyrion Lannister (good ticket for 2016, no?). Next to the swooning ladies is my man, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Sheldon, Jim Morrison, and the wonderful Jamie Farr in Corporal Klinger drag. Seated next to Elvis, a young Paul McCartney wearing medieval Nikes. I’m especially proud of the dragonfly wings, that I drew freehand with a sharpie pen.


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