Back with the Living


I’ve been laid up with the ‘flu since last Wednesday. It was a great week up until then; all sorts of new projects, fun things to do and with March on the horizon, the days are getting longer, which cheers me up immensely. Wednesday afternoon saw me at one of my new activities, volunteer at the archaeology department at the local museum. I was shown how to work the lighting, the heating, set coffee, and where the cashbox is for book sales. After the first hour I noticed the heater wasn’t working. Apparently the heater was working, and I was working up a nice little fever but I didn’t know that at the time.

After my two hour shift, I came home, unloaded my (in)famous shopping trolly of fruit and veg bought on the market, library books and art supplies and then crawled into bed, where I stayed until yesterday amusing myself with online shopping, crossword puzzles and listening to music.


Yesterday I moved to the couch and overdosed on “true crime” TV.


Airing out the bedroom

Today I’m getting re-acquainted with the vertical, although taking the necessary rests after every little activity. I have nothing better to do than wait for my Zalando, Yves Rocher, Topvintage and Dorothy Perkins packages to arrive. Its a good thing too. Charlie Brown came down with the ‘flu yesterday and he’s got dibs on the couch.


Look out world, tomorrow I’m going to bike!


As it’s Tuesday, here’s a recipe for the best comfort lunch if you have the ‘flu :

Scrambled Eggs on Toast for 2 with the Flu

Ingredients :

4 Slices of toast, buttered

4 Eggs, whisked

A few drops of water




Chili Peppers


Break eggs into a bowl and whisk them up to an even yellow color

Add a few drops of water (this makes them fluffy)

Melt a good knob of butter in a frying pan. Go on, you’re sick, you need the calories.

Pour eggs into pan

Add salt, pepper and chilis to taste

Scramble eggs

Divide over buttered toast

Tastes great with an icy coke

Did you know that you can freeze fresh chili peppers? I buy them in bulk on the market (there’s a chili guy), de-seed and chop most of them when I get home, (keeping a few back in the veg drawer just in case) and put the chopped chilis into resealable freezer bags. Any time you need a little bit of fresh chili, just reach into the freezer and take the required amount.


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  1. Hi Misirlou, I’ve missed you–glad you’re feeling better. The hot peppers recipe sounds great, will give it a try. Nice post–love your pix and the music tie-in! 🙂

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