Wicked Wednesday: More First World Problems


Dancing-hairy-eyeball* image found at Google

The clothes dryer died last Wednesday night. Thursday morning I called for the repairman. He’d be here on Monday. Great. Why does this never happen on a hot, summer day? The humidity is out the wazoo here when it is not actually raining and it’s kind of chilly, which doesn’t help the clothes dry any faster. I pulled out the old indoor rack and did two mini loads of sport clothes and underwear.

Wash 1

Meanwhile I’m told my new contact lens has arrived at the optician and I went to pick it up on Saturday. I managed to crack the first new left lens trying to take it out of the holder. They tell me these things shouldn’t happen, so the new new left lens is free. I went to take the right lens out of the holder and it flies around the tiny little room at the opticians like a tiny frisbee. After 20 minutes of looking in a 7 x2 room and not finding the thing, I gave up. I’ve found contact lenses for other people on enormous parking lots! Why did this have to happen to me, today?

The optician said they’d look for it again after the shop closed. Vince and I went on to the dive-shop to organize some snorkeling gear for our upcoming trip. I was in a mood and it wasn’t the fun afternoon we had in mind.


Eating dinner that night and still very angry with myself for catapulting the lens, I related the entire sad tale to Charlie Brown, or as we refer to him “Mr. Oblivious”. “Oh yeah,” he says, “by the way, the optician called and said they’d found your lens. What’s that about?” We’d been home for 4 hours and he’d neglected to mention this. Mr. Oblivious functions on a higher plane, obviously, and cannot be bothered with delivering mundane phone messages.

The repairman arrived on time Monday morning, ran a few “diagnostics” then started toting up the damage. He got to €500 and tipped me the old hairy eyeball. I tipped an old hairy eyeball right back at him and said, “You know what? It’s 8 years old, maybe it’s time to consider a new one.” So I pay the diagnostic costs which will be reimbursed to me if I buy another Miele clothes dryer, he advises me to get a “heat pump” dryer system and everybody is happy.

Vince came home early that day and we went out to look for a clothes dryer. Found one, on sale, a Miele, with a Wednesday delivery, it was a done deal. Only when he checked his phone messages that night, the salesperson had phoned and left a message that no, sorry, sorry, sorry, this particular dryer could not be hooked up to our outlet pipe.Vince stopped at the appliance store on the way to work, there was no other clothes dryer that we liked in their selection, so he went next door to the horrible Media Mart and organized a slightly more expensive model, but with Wednesday delivery.

The lenses are adhering to my (non-hairy)  eyeballs as I sit here. The new dryer is in house and waiting to be hooked up to the outlet pipe. Vince will do that. Nice to have a Vince.


Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow!


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  1. Glad everything is back in order, and boy, do I know about lost contact lens!
    I take the washer and dryer for granted, but my 97-year-old mother has refused to own a dryer, she hangs the clothes in the basement in the winter and outside in the summer, and has a wicked torn rotator cuff to show for it that the doctor says would be too difficult to repair. So, thank goodness for washers and dryers!

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