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My next to oldest brother, Bob, preceded my arrival on Earth by 10 years. He went to college in 1964, which was the perfect time to be a student in the U.S. During the years from 1963 to 1968, the civil rights movement broke down America’s apartheid. The Hippie movement started in California. The Beatles conquered America and changed the face of popular music finally giving it some teeth. It was the era of free love and youth everywhere revolted against the military industrial complex and white Anglo-Saxon authoritarianism.

Bob is a bit of a renaissance man—he was influenced by the Beat poets, drove a grand old Plymouth with huge tail fins, and painted canvases in the style of Miro and Abstract Expressionists. In college, he studied history and design.

He had eclectic tastes in music, and stereo being a new invention and fairly expensive, he built his own vacuum-tube…

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