Random Thoughts on a Wet Wednesday



So I’m sitting here, enjoying my sushi box for lunch. Its been a while since I posted and it feels as though I should at least check in at Our Salon, though I haven’t got any creative writing going at the moment. Sometimes I worry you’ll all forget me if I don’t post for too long.


It is raining here in beautiful downtown Hengelo. It feels as though it has been raining all month. Oh wait, it has, just about; check out the graph. “Droog” means “not raining”. I count 7 days “droog” in December and they were not consecutive. Despite the rain I headed out to the Volunteer Center to see if there were any good volunteer positions going: no kids, no old/sick people, nothing outdoors. I’m good at organizing and running things. There were a number of possibilities including a position on the board at a community center, various things to do with PR at the Twentsche Red Cross and I’m still waiting to hear from an old colleauge about a few projects she’s running in the local community. I’m bored with myself. I need a reason to get dressed in the morning and get out of the house. Unfortunately Mack could care less how I look when we go for a walk. This being the case, I’ve morphed into the goddess of sweatpants.


The other day a gift voucher surfaced from the depths of my desk drawer, so after going to the Volunteer Center, I went shopping at Xenos. We un-decorated the house last weekend and things are looking pretty bare, so I’m hoping to cheer the house up a bit with new candles and some silk flowers. The funky rubber gloves were too cheap to resist.


On the way to Xenos I popped into the Turkish tailor to pick up some drycleaning,stopped by the optician to organize a repair for Charlie Brown’s sport specs—and make an appointment to have him measured for his long desired contact lenses. I can now scratch a whole bunch of stuff from my to-do list.

Vince has a business dinner tonight, so it is just Charlie Brown and me. Time to grab our chance and nosh on tuna casserole. We’re the only ones who like tuna casserole and making it also gave me the chance to put my new food processor through a few paces.


With dinner good to go, I got busy with one of my pet projects: Get rid of 25 things every month. I’ve got about 20 gathered so far:


1 – Hideously expensive winter jacket I bought 4 years ago, maybe 5 and hated

because I think it makes me look like a sausage. I think I may have worn it 5 times. Destined for the charity box.

2- Worn out brown cowl neck sweater. It just looks too shabby to wear and because it’s wool, no good for gardening/cleaning. Rag box.

3- My latest pair of hooker shoes. They really, really hurt my feet. Thank God they only cost 12 euri. Charity box.

4-6 A number of computer games. These are going to a friend.

7- An oil lamp we got as a present. I think they’re dangerous. I’ve never used it. Recycling Center 2nd hand shop.

8- My groovy Pink Ribbon tennis bag. I gave up tennis 5 years ago because nobody will play with me. I find keeping score boring and really just like whacking the ball over the net for a few hours. Recycling Center 2nd hand shop.

9- Tennis balls. Recycling Center 2nd hand shop.

10- 3 cube candle holders. I don’t know what possessed me to buy them. Recycling Center old glass.

11- Pressed wood tray. Has been floating around the house for a while. Too delicate to really use, not really decorative enough to enjoy. Recycling Center 2nd hand shop.

12- 6 goofy dice to help one make decisions. I may be born under the sign of Libra, but I’m not indecisive. Headed for the Recycling Center 2nd hand shop. Maybe someone else needs a little help in that direction.

13- Old makeup. Trash.

14- White musk body scrub. I like white musk, I just never remember to bring it with me into the shower. The container is glass– a bit dangerous in the shower, if you ask me I’ve had it for a year and used it once, it’s going in the trash.

15- Pretty little cardboard box. Cute, but it’s just taking up space. Trash.

16- Cyclamen pink fleece blanket. It was a giveaway from somewhere. Nobody in our house likes pink. Charity box.

17- Dutch puzzle book. Why? Recycling Center

18- Dutch Grammar book for foreigners. I never found it helpful. Recycling. It’s about good enough for old paper.

19- A pile of books I never plan to read. Recycling Center 2nd hand shop. Maybe someone else will like them, you never know.

20- Old mags and catalogs. Recycling Center.

This makes me feel smuggadelic. I haven’t made 25 yet, but it’s early in the month.

Finally this afternoon, I’m going to make some nice playlists to listen to while I’m painting after dinner. I like to paint, but I always feel like other things have to be squared away before I can indulge in painting.

* All photos are my own.

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