Reading The Dead



I’m a child of the late 60s, 70’s and I came of age with a soundtrack including Rocky Horror, the Ramones, UB40, the Talking Heads, the B-52s, the Eurythmics and The Cars,Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, so my psychedelic chick cred is not that high.

One of my best friends in college was a guy I called Eyeore. He was a morosely brilliant chap and a beatific beatnik who introduced me to the Grateful Dead. It turned out all the Dead songs I liked were “Radio Dead” and definitely not as cool as the songs die hard Deadheads like. He was in possession of an Encyclopedia of Folklore and revealed to me the origins of the name: Grateful Dead, which I found fascinating.

I can’t, for the life of me, recall the enormous book he had on his desk, but this link is more or less the same stuff I read from that book:

Eyeore, who’s real name is Jim, and I read a lot of books together. Mostly they were books outside our English Lit. curriculum and they are books to which I return again and again. These are books I associate with The Grateful Dead, the mingled scent of sinsemilia and sweaty socks and rain, the feel of mohair, the taste of an icy coke on a hot spring day…

The Magus by John Fowles

The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

On the Road by Jack Kerouac


Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol


The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

Sugar Magnolia

100 Years of Solitude– Gabriel Garcia Marquez

St. Stephen

Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Uncle John’s Band

Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

Casey Jones

Camino Real by Tennessee Williams

Mexicali Blues

Lady Chatterly’s Lover D.H. Lawrence

Turn on Your Love Light

Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood

One More Saturday Night

Diary of a Drug Fiend by Alistair Crowley

Friend of the Devil

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