On the Miemel


It’s almost noon and I am still in my pyjamas. I have decided it is a miemel morning/early afternoon.

You will not find the word “miemel” in a normal dictionary.

Apparently it means vulva in Flemish, but what do Belgians know? Miemel is one of those words particular to our family.

Miemel: v. The expression of feelings of malaise, discomfort, a general sense of bleeh,

meeh, why did I get out of bed today? Similar but not synonymous to whining. Conj: I miemel, you miemel, he/she/it miemels they miemel


adj. Miemelish – indecisive

and n. Miemelaar– one who practices miemeling.

Expression: On the miemel—the process of or participation in miemeling.

I claim the right to miemel because everything hurts today. Mack’s disgraceful incident sent adrenaline coursing through my veins most of yesterday afternoon so I saw the blood but felt no pain. At yoga class I noticed the exercises involving my arms and shoulders were extremely painful. I figured I’d overdone it with the dumbbells, but I haven’t bruised myself with the dumbbells recently, so the pain must have come from tackling my bull mastiff. I know that’s where I got the skinned knee. Jeez, I am way too old and too sophisticated to have a skinned knee. The scrapes on my hands aren’t too bad, mostly on the palms and I’m going to repair the mani this afternoon, but still.

My head hurts. I shouln’t have had that last glass of wine. I needed the last glass of wine. No, I didn’t. Dumb stupid move. I’m teetotal during the week while I’m training at the gym. A month living like this has decreased my already decreasing tolerance for alcohol. God, I don’t want to turn into a “Just orange juice for me,” type of miemelaar.

My husband is wont to say, “Miemeling doesn’t suit you” and it doesn’t. Nor does sitting around in my scheevy bathrobe (be grateful I’m not narcissistic enough to post photos) all day. I’m going to miemel a little longer, eat something nice for lunch, get dressed in normal clothes and rejoin the non-miemelaars after I take another asprin. I already called the dog trainer and he’s sending me info. The curtains are open too. I’m going to go to the garden center and buy a pot for the rubber tree plant that’s needed a new pot forever. I’ll look at the Christmas displays and see if they inspire me. I will make chili for dinner and spend the rest of the afternoon doing something creative. I will put an end to this infernal miemel.

For your listening “pleasure”  a few ace miemel tunes.

Can it get any whinier?

Yes it can! Lionel, King of Miemel!

Taking it down another notch!

Have I gone too far?

I used to like this song when I was young and more apt to miemel.

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