Autumn Magick



I live in a Breughel painting. These are some views of the country lanes where I walk my dogs. They are beautiful in all seasons, but at this time of year they are positively enchanting.

Yes, the sky really is that gray. This is around lunchtime, the brightest part of the day. We get to enjoy  6 months of this murk. It is a wonderful background for the autumn display though.

Mighty Mack chose today to misbehave terribly, went bonkers at another dog, dragged me down the street and slipped out of his collar. I managed to calm him and myself down (thank you, Cesar!) and brought him home in disgrace.

ImageNaughty Mack!

I daubed at my knee and hands with iodine, grabbed my little Coolpix once more and took the other dog for a nice walk.

This was the scene of Mack’s disgrace. Much nicer without him in it for the time being.


A golden bough…


the faithful Falada…


who lives in a golden lane…


ruled by a mighty king…


Ssh…here be faerie folk….


Autumn’s Crown, courtesy of that old alchemist, Jack Frost.


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  1. Seriously wonderful photos. And, I don’t care that he’s prone to wanton, verging-on-criminal behaviour, I love Mighty Mack just from his photo. That is my kinda dog — a short-hair super chunk with unquashable spirit.

  2. Thanks Lisa. It was such a gorgeous afternoon.

    Mack and I are going to dog reform school. I’m calling the trainer tomorrow. He’s a bull mastiff, so although he looks like a tough guy, he’d more likely slobber someone to death before he’d bite them.

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