Playlist for a Hot, Lazy Summer Afternoon


I am bored.

Drank too much wine last night, but managed to haul myself out of bed at 9:30, have breakfast and do some weight training before involving myself in the great clearout/cleanup/rearrange project.

At the moment Vince is going through his hobby stuff and I am forbidden to help. “This is not a “chuck-in-the-trash exercise”,” he informed me and in the interest of making it pristinely undivorced to our 25th wedding anniversary (next week) I am keeping my distance.

It is beautiful weather outside, I could do some reading for my up and coming book review (stay tuned!) but I would probably fall asleep halfway through the first page. I could go swimming, but that would involve putting on my bathing suit and sunscreen and getting my bag of stuff together so I don’t get bored by the pool and I am too lazy at the moment to be bothered.

So I am going to amuse myself, and hopefully the rest of you as well with a summer afternoon playlist. It’s mostly old stuff, because frankly Katy Perry, Jesse J. and Lady Gaga have frightened me away from current Top 40 radio. Don’t worry, I’ve omitted ubiquitious references to the Beach Boys and Springsteen.

Summer  by War  

a fabulous tune, which I’m embedding here because it is too good not to share.

A Train Lady  by Willy de Ville

If you’ve never heard of Willy, he used to go by “Mink de Ville”. Music every cool person should have, if not on vinyl, than digital must do.

Deep Ocean by  Coastal Soul

Found these guys by accident and they blew me away. Australian surf music. Check them out:

Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Once you’ve heard it, no other version of this classic will do.

Shaggin’ On the Boulevard by Alabama

It’s an east coast, Gulf coast thing. I’ve heard that it was als done in the early 60s at USC, but that could be only a rumor. Shag is a dance. Google it to learn the basic moves. It’s fun.

Sausalito Summer Night by Diesel

You left for Frisco in your Rambler…only it was Philly and we were underage and up to no good..

Love Shack by the B52s

Yes, I am really dating myself, but I’ve never lied to you about my age. Love this video. My dad used to have a Chrysler “as big as a whale” and we’d pile in it to the B-movies at the Roosevelt Drive-In (long gone) on hot summer nights.

The Weight The Band

Good idea. Take a load off.

Summertime by Billy Stewart

This version of Summertime is lush as a ripe peach. My 17 yr. old classical pianist hates it, my 13year old hard rocker“gets” scat and loves it too.

Sitting in the Park 

Another one by Billy. Its my list, deal with it. Great with a gin and tonic in the shade.

Sea of Love  by The Honey Drippers

Dating myself again. Robert Plant (for those of you who don’t know (are a lot younger than me), lead singer for Led Zeppelin, did a little project in the 80s with a band he put together and called the Honey Drippers.

Georgia by Boz Scaggs 

Boz is great.

Honky Tonk by Brian Setzer

…along with his big band. Outstanding version of this classic tune. Great music to cook by on a hot summer day.

60 Minute Man,  The Embers version

One raunchy little number that stays just this side o’ clean.

Mocking Bird Carly Simon and James Taylor

Music to sing along to while sitting on the front porch swing…

Heatwave by Martha Reeves

…and the Vandellas. What you need to hear when you’re on a badass trip to the grocery store.

Wild and Free by Curtis Mayfield

Isn’t everyone, in the summertime?

Frim Fram Sauce by the fabulous Nat King Cole 

…and shaffaffa on the side. Gotta have the shaffaffa, especially in this heat.

Route 66

Because you can never listen to enough Nat.

This is my playlist, what’s on yours?


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