10 Before 50


10 Before 50

Inspired by Olivia Slama’s list of things to do before you’re 20 20 before 20

My chassis year is 1964, and what a year it was. A quick look at Google reveals that in 1964:

  • The Ford Mustang was unleashed on the American driving public
  • Cassius Clay became World Heavyweight Champion but hadn’t become Muhammed Ali yet.
  • The Civil Rights Act was passed into law
  • Beatlemania hit the US
  • Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor married each other for the first time
  • Ché Guevara addressed the UN

You would expect a child born in this year would have an equally tumultuous life, but no, I turned out to be a suburban housewife. There are 10 things that I need to do in the 2 or so odd years before I reach my half century.I’m a realist and easily distracted so I’ll be happy if I get to half of them.

1 Publish a book of poetry (working on this)

2 Walk the Pieterpad

3 Be able to do the Gomukhasana

4 Swim the English Channel (Only kidding. I hate to swim.)

5 Take over a small island nation (or buy a house on Curaçao)

6 Own a Mustang

7 Learn to make baklava

8 Take Vince to Istanbul

9 Go salmon fishing in Scotland

10 Teach the big dawg to “stay”


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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Olivia.

    Yes, I have a book of poetry in the works—my best friends were supposed to be helping me sift through the 50 or so odd poems but its summer and yadda yadda so they haven’t been busy with it. I am going to have to do this myself. Decided to go with an e-pub medium. Poetry never makes money anyway.

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