Heavenly shades of night are falling,

Even the air is heavy with mahogany blossom,

the perfume of early spring

falls over our shoulders,

when we step outside.

Other scents swirl in,

boeren jasmijn”,



the mellifluous

drip of


I don’t remember what they are called

in English anymore.

We walk

between the willows

knotwilgen” you say, and I think

“that sounds ugly”, but bite back

the words before they can

leave my mouth.

I am not looking for a fight.

The path, soft

and muddy dark as pure chocolate

absorbs our footsteps

but there are prints

left behind

like red lipstick on a white collar

revealing that we’ve been


How did we get here?

I look at you,

almost a shadow in the dusk.

Your eyeglasses catch

a bit of light

and I can make out your


Nature is amazing

in its ability to renew

even after an unexpected


The buds have fallen

from the magnolias

in our garden

but the olive trees

show promise.

You tell me your

plans, weave a few dreams

between the first stars

and moonrise

as we walk.

I listen.

You are enchanting

and I am enchanted once more

in that in-between time

of day

when everything

is possible.

VC -VR 1-3-12


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